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Elgg 1.8

used for buying and selling products online


Integrated subcategories for categories. Also integrated ftp to save product images. Compatible for elgg1.7.4 to elgg1.7.8


Integrated versions for digital products Fixed couple of minor bugs Provision for non-members to purchase products and more


First version

version : elgg1.7.5, elgg1.7.6, elgg1.7.7
Product Key : Yes

Social Commerce is  buying and selling online with friends. Using the Social commerce plugin, we can create ecommerce applications with social aspects in minutes. It lets users to buy and sell products and services online. We can get recommendations on the products and services that users provide. This plugin helps you to integrate payment options like paypal, 2checkout into your elgg system.

Elgg Social Commerce plugin is a feature rich Elgg Plugin that gives you the power to convert your elgg applications into a social store like Shopit. It enables people to create hosted shopping cart with Elgg social networking platform. Shoppers add products to their cart and proceed through a checkout process as if they were using a popular ecommerce cart. This all takes place on a small corner of the merchant's personal or business profile page in the elgg social networking site. It helps users to have everything he has in his social page, plus allows him to create an online store.

Elgg social commerce plugin1.7 supports elgg1.7.1 to elgg1.7.7. We have modified the plugins and added many new features into this release.

  • Elgg1.7(1.7.1 - 1.7.7) combatible
  • Continues updations
  • HTTPS for checkout
  • Every user can buy and sell products
  • Each user can create his own store
  • Administrator can opt to disable user stores
  • Admin can define user types and permissions(needs Cubet Membership plugin)
  • Administrator can define the commission
  • Many elgg widgets like popular products, my purchased items, latest products etc
  • Product thumbnails and pop ups
  • Physical & digital products
  • Can add more product types
  • Social bookmarking with sharethis
  • Coupon codes and coupon management
  • Related products
  • Out of stock emails
  • Different payment options like paypal, Cash On Delivery etc
  • Different payment options
  • Different Tax options
  • Different withdrawal options
  • Manage fund releases
  • Manage cart to river integration
  • Create orders manually
  • Manage wishlist
  • Track Order history
  • Manage Transactions etc.

Web masters can define the payment options, shipping options etc. The plugin is designed in a modular structure, hence elgg developers can add new shipping and payment modules easily.

The Social Commerce Elgg plugin has released with a bunch of built in widgets, like "My Products", "My Purchases", "Top Rated Products", "Best Sellers" etc, that can be placed in the profile pages.

The Social Commerce plugin is a great step to make your elgg applications as a online Market. There are many different ways to implement elgg and Social Media, but social commerce plugin based apps provide a way to instantly monetize them. This shopping cart solution provide a solution for merchants to manage inventory centrally while still tapping into social commerce.

More over, this plugin is developed by a Team of Trusted developers in the Elgg Community .

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Purchased and like the product. The developer is an honest guy. I had some issues with the branding included in the product told him not what I was expecting for the price, and that I would like a refund. He refunded me without hesitation so you should feel comfortable when purchasing from him.

  The product is nice but be sure to get the branding removal. Now I must purchase again cause I did not see that it was there. Best of luck!!!!!

stevencormier5 2382 days ago

Não foi possível Fazer o pagamento via paypal, o site não conseguiu altorizar o cartão e a operadora me informou que não estava com problema no cartão.. tem algunha outra forma para fazer o pagamento..

Nilton Ricardo 2113 days ago

Realized the purchase, did not get the email download or communicated by support cubet how do I download?

matheus 1441 days ago

Elgg Social commerce Plugin

Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.
From Wikipedia definition

Elgg Social Commerce PRO is a fully featured ecommerce plugin for elgg, the award winning open source social networking platform. Social Commerce PRO empowers elgg with a great revenue model by adding an ecommerce store into it. Elgg Social Commerce PRO is the best solution to create social ecommerce applications.

Members can Buy & Sell products

Single page checkout

Email order notification

Integrated with activity stream and wire

Can integrate more payment options

Can integrate more shipping options

Modular design

Support physical, digital products

HTTP & HTTPS checkout

Related products

Out of stock emails

Different Tax options

Sellers can withdraw funds to their paypal account.

List and gallery view of products shows there

Create orders manually

Manage wishlist

Integrated with Cubet Membership plugin

Admin and members can create coupons for their stores

Admin can manage every functionality

Administrator can opt to disable user stores

Administrator can charge a commission on the sales

Social commerce is the business model for the decade. With the advent of social media, tapping social networking tools to connect online customers with each other as they shop, can help companies monetize their investment in social networks, according to market observers.

Why Social Commerce PRO

Why Us? :

Install and Configure in minutes.

Completely Browser based.

100% Open Source, You can modify your code.

SEO Friendly URLs

Works on your Mobile

Easily Integrated with your Elgg Themes

Over 500 live stores.